2013-12-31 19.11.352013-12-31 19

There’s no better way to celebrate the new year than by commemorating it almost half a year later. In an effort to celebrate the new year more fabulously, I inspected my assortment of red clothes, because what brings more luck than red amirite? ;D yeaaah Asian pride

Ahem. ANYWAY I found I had a smaller collection of red items than I previously thought. Cue dramatic tears. No, not really. But my options were limited, so this dress from Asos had to suffice. It was only 10 dollars too if I remember correctly.

This has got to be the most glamorous-in-a-marilyn-monroe-sort-of-way I have ever looked and by that i mean glam-60’s; although I could never look like her even if I had a whole make over team at my disposal. Red and gold just give off such a fabulous vibe.

Like the cute owl touch? It was quite a hoot (har har). My friend had to loan me her necklace because mine fell apart as I was putting it on… Incidentally the aqua on the owl matched my nails! So all was good. The outfit (I assume) did get quite a few questioning and perhaps even confused looks though. But perhaps that was because I wasn’t exactly dressed for a laid-back NYE house  party.

Photography by Emma


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