A Typical Day

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If you ever saw me on a typical day, it would probably be somewhere at my uni. This semester, I’m so lucky to have been granted 9am starts and long-ass hours. It’s been really great ^_^ haha. Especially when it’s cold in the morning, cold in the afternoon and cold when it’s dark. But anyway, it’s cool (heheh). I like waking up early the days I do get enough sleep.

So, with that being said, I think I’ve curated quite the collection of my go-to comfort clothes without realising. These include:

  • My trusty caps ♥
  • A rain-proof jacket
  • A blanket-esque cardigan cause dayum it can get chilly in lectures
  • A button-down
  • Sneakers

I probably wear these things way too often but what’s the harm in showing them a little love :p Even if they do get a little smelly (hohoho), I just gotta own it 😀

“Yeah, that’s right I smell! I smell gooooood.”

“SMELL ME! That’s the smell of an unwashed uni student in their natural habitat.”

“WHO’S THAT POKEMON? Oh, it’s just a Viv in the wild.”

Sorry, I get carried away ^^

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Anyway, having something like this really streamlines those mornings when you just ceebs. And yas I know we all have those days, but we just gotta keep going *\^_^/*

What kind of comfort clothes do you reach for when you’re just not feeling it?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, Viv x

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Photography by the forever awesome –> klarizzma 

*this is my cue to escape*
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the wild Vivi fled!


Fairy dust

Fine pieces of hair fell, turning translucent where it touched the light. It rained lightly and softly, pausing in the small puffs of air created by the flurry of movement created by her scissors . “Is this okay?” she asked. After a moment’s hesitation, I nodded. I could never really figure out what I wanted. She dusted what could have been mistaken for some weird looking fairy dust off of my shoulders and ushered me to get out of the chair. “Yaaaas” i said silently. I liked it. “Thank you” I smiled. Now that got rid of those pesky split ends and i can finally pretend my hair is healthy. Yay *\ ^_^ /*


The night before i had dyed it purple but little did I know, it would only last a few washes 😦 Perhaps it was the excess of purple toner and lack of actual purple dye or use of hot water but either way… it was a sad few showers for me. But all g, this was actually one of the successful attempts of Experiment Locks // Code Lavender.

Hope you enjoy 🙂

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Photography // Lucy Chou

Details of outfit below:

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