A Typical Day

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If you ever saw me on a typical day, it would probably be somewhere at my uni. This semester, I’m so lucky to have been granted 9am starts and long-ass hours. It’s been really great ^_^ haha. Especially when it’s cold in the morning, cold in the afternoon and cold when it’s dark. But anyway, it’s cool (heheh). I like waking up early the days I do get enough sleep.

So, with that being said, I think I’ve curated quite the collection of my go-to comfort clothes without realising. These include:

  • My trusty caps ♥
  • A rain-proof jacket
  • A blanket-esque cardigan cause dayum it can get chilly in lectures
  • A button-down
  • Sneakers

I probably wear these things way too often but what’s the harm in showing them a little love :p Even if they do get a little smelly (hohoho), I just gotta own it 😀

“Yeah, that’s right I smell! I smell gooooood.”

“SMELL ME! That’s the smell of an unwashed uni student in their natural habitat.”

“WHO’S THAT POKEMON? Oh, it’s just a Viv in the wild.”

Sorry, I get carried away ^^

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Anyway, having something like this really streamlines those mornings when you just ceebs. And yas I know we all have those days, but we just gotta keep going *\^_^/*

What kind of comfort clothes do you reach for when you’re just not feeling it?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, Viv x

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Photography by the forever awesome –> klarizzma 

*this is my cue to escape*
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the wild Vivi fled!